Who Drives Digital Business From the Cloud Through the Edge to the Digital Touchpoint?

On a flight back home from London, I found the catchy headline “Clicks meet Bricks” in British Airways’ magazine “business life”. The article highlights the new age of retail, showing how Amazon Go, Alibaba’s Hema or Farfetch from the UK work and try to close the gap between the digital and analog world to provide a hybrid shopping experience.

However, the article does not discuss the tremendous impact of one of the major trends in retail on service providers. Although cloud computing has become a crowded space among service providers, still many traditional providers prefer cloud enablement of their customers from the bottom-up. Service providers typically help to move, operate and manage existing infrastructure and legacy applications from on-premises environments, data centers or colocations onto a cloud environment for cost-efficiency. Only a minority focus on the top-down approach where the capabilities of cloud technologies and services are analyzed, and novel business opportunities are created based on cloud. In fact, cloud computing serves as the foundation for a number of game-changing technologies and expedites digital business. Read more


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